Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Beauty: 5 Ways To Up Your Natural Beauty Look Game

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Above and beyond every other form of beauty, I’m sure you will agree as a KOKOBeauty that natural look is always, always the best, especially with radiant and beautiful skin and smooth face.

Ranging from natural hair to natural makeup and natural beauty formulations and applications, team natural is always on point, lovely to rock and slay with. This has led to the invention natural makeup look (otherwise called no-makeup makeup, neutral face, barely-there finish, daytime makeup, and any other name that fits into the space lol), a makeup look that makes it seem like you’re not wearing anything on your face.Beauty: 5 Ways To Up Your Look Without Heavy Makeup

In as much as natural look rocks, you need to know how to vamp up the game, for maximum beauty and aesthetic sense. It may seem archaic not to wear heavy makeup while others are, but surely there are many variations that you can play with for a more harmonious look. So today, dear KOKOBeauty, we will be dishing out 5 trciks on how to up your natural look (or natural makeup) game.

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  1. Brows: Carve your brows to the best shape that suits you and your face. This alone, without applying eye pencil keeps the face in shape. You may then use a pencil a few shades darker than your natural brow color and draw soft strokes on the brows. Gently brush your eyebrows to soften the look so you don’t have too much on your brows.Beauty: 5 Ways To Up Your Natural Look Without Makeup
  2. Go Shadow, Go Glossy: Enhance your eyes with a shadow a few shades darker than your skin tone and a hint of highlighter on the inner corner. Then swipe a few coats of transparent lip gloss on your lips.
  3. Seamless Blend: Prep your skin with a primer, apply a lightweight foundation and concealer and blend everything together. Blend well for a seamless natural look.Beauty: 5 Ways To Up Your Natural Look Without Makeup
  4. Glossy Eyes: Add some shiny lip gloss to your eyes for a fresh-faced look. You may also want to highlight your cheekbones as well, it’s all good.
  5. Blush up: Your cheeks may be the only centre of interest and make you look unique. Apply pink blush on your checks and ensure you thoroughly blend the lines of blush into your skin.Beauty: 5 Ways To Up Your Natural Look Without Makeup
  6. Sparkle Up: It is allowed to have some sparkles and glittering in your natural look. All you need to is dab little but noticeable quantity of neutral colour glitters to each of your eyelids and you are cool.
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As simple as can be! Now go ahead and try these out, after all, team natural always rocks. As said earlier, going natural looks more beautiful on a nourished skin. See here 5 Secrets To Having A Glowing Skin. Till next Thursday when we will bring you more beauty tips, stay naturally aesthetic KOKOBeauties. Love, form here winks.

Beauty: 5 Ways To Up Your Look Without Heavy Makeup
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