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Beauty: 5 Natural Ways To Get Fuller, Plumper Lips

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Fuller and voluminous lips is a major beauty goal for many women as it is one of the numerous body parts that speak volume of both KOKOnistas (female) and KOKOnistos’ (male) sexiness. Not everyone, however, wants to go to the lengths of getting synthetic lip fillers and even we will never advise such with the use of chemicals and other unnatural media.
As a KOKOnista, you need not get a cosmetic procedure done just because you want a fuller pout as there are plenty of ways to get bigger-looking lips the natural way.  This is why we are and will always be here for you, bringing you natural homemade tips to achieve the perfect beauty goals.
Today, we bring you 5 natural ways you can achieve the pouty look you want without going under the needle!Beauty: 5 Natural Ways To Get Fuller, Plumper Lips
  1. The Toothbrush Way: Yes, you read that right. Your toothbrush is a very effective tool in helping you have the full pout naturally. The smoother your lips are, the more the light they can reflect and then the bigger and more luscious they’ll look. So, you have to go daily, dipping the brush in water and gently brushing the lips with it in a small circular motion. This will also boost your circulation, giving your lips a nice rosy hue. Do not brush too hard, you are not trying to peel off the lips.
  2. Highlight The Cupid Bow: the cupid’s bow is the v-shape-like top of your lips. Highlighting it will go a long way in giving you fuller, more magnified lips. Simply dab a pinch of highlighter to the skin on the middle of your upper lip and you can thank the magic of light reflection.

    Beauty: 5 Natural Ways To Get Fuller, Plumper Lips
    A touch of highlight and lip gloss work wonders
  3. Line It: Lip liner doesn’t only have to be used to line your lips. To achieve the look of fuller lips, you can as well line your pouts with a colour that’s one or two shades darker than your natural lip colour, and fill your pouts all the way in. They will immediately look richer and more enhanced.
  4. Ice Cube Work Wonders Too: Ice is another great tip for natural lip enhancement. Massage an ice cube on your pouts for 2 minutes. This will compress your blood vessels, making them look red and plump!
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  5. Lip Masks: One of the most effective DIY lip masks is the Bomb Lip Plumper My Awesome Beauty. Mix ginger powder, cayenne powder, cinnamon powder, peppermint oil and olive oil together in gd quantity and stir till mixture is smooth. Massage it in for 20 seconds and let it sit for 2 to 3 minutes then wash off. Do this at most two times in a week for effectiveness.

    Beauty: 5 Natural Ways To Get Fuller, Plumper Lips
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