#WhyIDidntReport: BBNaija Star Khafi Kareem Reveals That She Was Raped

Ex-BBNaija housemate and actress, Khafi Kareem has joined the social media hashtag #WhyIDidntReport where she revealed that she was raped and also gave her reason why she didn’t report her rapist. Khafi

Explaining why she never reported her rapist, Khafi, who admitted that her rapist apologised right after the incident, said: ‘I made myself believe him being drunk was an excuse.’

Khafi who further explained her situation saying when she did open up about her rape incident the person she told rather ended up blaming her for getting rape and not the rapist.

According to the reality star, she decided to share her story to give hope to other victims to speak up about their own experiences.

She wrote: 

‘#WhyIDidntReport – because he apologised right after. Because I made myself believe him being drunk was an excuse. Because the one person I did tell said I caused it. Because I felt dirty and ashamed. #WeAreTired.’
‘Yes, this did happen to me. I’m sharing in the hope that others will feel no shame in sharing what happened to them. Please don’t deflect or say it is not my story when it was already hard enough sharing it.’

See Her Tweet:

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