Monday, May 16, 2022

Enough Of That Nonsense – BBNaija Nina Slams Nigerians In Diaspora Discouraging Others From Relocating

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BBNaija Nina has taken to social media to slam Nigerians living in the diaspora who discourage others from coming over and relocating. The TV star who resides in the US took to her Insta story to attack them noting that it is wrong and a bad mindset.

BBNaija Nina Slams Nigerians In Diaspora Discouraging Others From RelocatingA lot of Nigerians living abroad are known to share what they pass through over there like clearing snow, dealing with the cold, working long hours, and several other acts as a way to dissuade others from coming. The mother of one shared that she was tired of such tales where they show videos of themselves shoving snow and lament on how cold their cities are or the amount they remit for taxes in a bid to discourage others.

Nina added that if these things were too much burden on the folks in the diaspora, they should leave their country of residence and return home to allow others to come in instead of ranting about their situation.
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