Saturday, May 28, 2022

BBNaija Star TBoss Speaks On Breastfeeding

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BB Naija star Tboss is loving every minute of her mummy life. The reality TV star is enjoying motherhood and everything that comes with it.

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The TV star today took to her Instagram page to share breastfeeding pictures of herself and also spoke on the difficulties women sometimes face and how much support is needed following the birth of a child.

The new mum has decided to lend her voice to one of the most important aspects of motherhood and is sharing her personal experience on the topic.

BB Naija Star TBoss Speaks On Breastfeeding
BB Naija Star TBoss Speaks On Breastfeeding

“When I was pregnant I read a lot. I was glued to Google & all the mommy blogs, pages, books. I even finally braved watching a couple of birthing clips. That was a hard one. But what Genuinely Freaked the heck outta me was Breastfeeding. The thought of it alone gave me sleepless nights. No Jokes. After having my daughter I didn’t lactate until a couple of weeks afterwards. I almost got depressed. I did EVERYTHING. I ate everything & drank everything they advised until one Beautiful Day I had milk. Words cannot explain how Happy I was & now! Well, Now my Mother calls me “Vacuta Vesela”🙈😆. I LOVE to Breastfeed my child, It’s my favorite Mommie & Baby time. It creates a form of Bonding that’s nothing short of Spiritually Magical if such a thing even exists. The way she holds unto me, looks into my eyes whilst she suckles & smiles at me ☺️. I feel the Most Powerful when I’m breastfeeding . I honestly dread the day that I would have to stop”

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She also thanked her friends for coming through for her,

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“@amaarray Thank you for the Pap you made for me to trigger my milk- it finally worked. @neccorh this story wouldn’t be complete without mentioning you & how you taught me how to boob my daughter & all the things you gave me to make Boobietime painless & comfortable for me. @simplysorrentino always encouraging me not to give up & just relaxxxx. @fair_princess thank you for recommending them lactating cookies- I couldn’t stand the smell but they tasted good & they Worked. God bless you ladies”

Photo Credit: Tboss/Instagram



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