Baba Ijesha: “Former Senior Bukky Black, Mothers Like You That Will Cover Such Up”, Iyabo Ojo Slams Colleague

Baba Ijesha Rape Case : He Doesn’t Like Women, Princess Set Him Up - Actress Bukky Black Claims
Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo has come for her senior colleague in the industry, Bukky Black, for her reaction to their embattled colleague, Olanrewaju James Ominiyi, Baba Ijesha’s molestation case.
In a video the actress who is now based in diaspora shared on social media, she noted that Baba Ijesha doesn’t like women, she has never seen with a woman before and he is always acting like he is impotent.
Taking to Instagram to hold a live video, Iyabo Ojo slammed Bukky Black, asking if she was not bothered about if something was wrong with the full grown man for not having any woman. Asking further why Bukky Black cannot understand the pain of a mother, Iyabo Ojo then accused her of the potential to cover such case up if it happened to her granddaughter in the name of ‘not spoiling the family’s name’. “If you are a friend to Baba Ijesha, I can understand where the pain is coming from. So why can you not understand where the pain of that mother of that child is coming from? If you say you have known him for long, probably you have thrown yourself at him and he didn’t accept, and you have not seen him with a woman, aren’t you supposed to be bothered about him?”, she asked.
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“If he is somewhat impotent as you said, why then will he molest a 14-year-old on camera? If my information is guiding me right, I’m sure you are a grandmother. So if you leave your granddaughter with Baba Ijesha and he is sucking her fingers, licking her hand, squeezing her breast, rubbing her thighs and taking his hands further in until she resisted, I’m wondering in my head, it is mothers like you that will cover it up. It is grandmothers like you that will put sentimental bullshit and say don’t say it out, don’t spoil the family name”, she added. Watch her speak below:

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