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Music Review: Far From Musical Stereotypes, Ayra Starr’s Debut EP Is A Whole Mood On Its Own

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Another golden star from Mavins dynasty, Ayra Starr has everyone sitting on the edge of their seats as she drops her debut EP. The young star coming from the legend himself, Don Jazzy has so much expectation for her EP. She released her self titled EP- Ayra Star on the 22nd of January.ayra starrAyra Starr’s comes out to reveal her awesome skills in songwriting and vocal abilities. The 5-track EP comprises of songs like Away, Ija, Ditr, Sare and Memories.
Now unto the matter, Ayra gives an insight into relationship experience and self love as people recover from heart break. We see this combo in the track Away. The melodic experience combined with her vocal prowess is soothing to the ears. Although at some point one would think it was Tems singing but she is able to draw you back to herself. Away is her hit single that people can’t seem to get enough of.
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Still on the matter of love, Ayra takes us deeper on this journey as she talks about her love interest in Ija. This is very typical of most female musicians, but what can we say, we should expect this as long ladies possess hearts (lol). She says, And I say baby to ba wa ija
To ri e ma wa ija, You don’t have to fi ara e ija, Ohhh baby, Yeah I love like that, You give me joy. Her fluency in the Yoruba language is commendable even though she is from Edo state. The addition of a native language always adds spice to most songs and Ija is not an exception.

The 18-year old singer doesn’t sing out of the blue but she centers her EP on the challenges that teenagers face and the reverse effects on the parents. She is able to put in lyrics and beats teenage struggle encapsulating them on the track-Ditr. She sings, ”I disobeyed, I taught you better, My mama yelled, Omomi wa da, Your child is changing, She started drinking, She’s doing drugs now, To end this feelings” The smooth transitions from one beat to another, portraying different genres of music helps create a special feel to her songs. At such a young age she sure has captured what some artiste use years to master.
In Sare, it seems her love interest is not responding as she wants and she is in a fix about it. Though a teenage, Ayra is able to dig into to the minds of people, young and old, unveiling love issues they face. We get to understand that love is no respecter of age. Memories is like a continuation of Sare as we see her saying how she is sticking to her love interest for life as memories don’t die. She sings, ”Oh baby, It’s you and me for live, Never leave your side”.
Final Thoughts
Ayra Starr’s self titled EP is a breath of fresh air that gives teenage girls hope in the society today. Her vocal ability is off the chains as she writes meaningful lyrics while focusing on central themes. All these coming from a teenage is commendable. She falls into the category of Tems and others whose genre and style is making waves for them in the music industry. Seeing this we have very high assurance that Ayra has come to stay and break boundaries she will. Listening to a sophisticated soundscape, electric guitar riffs and subtle percussion; merge with her unflappable voice to produce a delicious cocktail of heartfelt and carefree anthems is indeed a delight to the soul. A standing ovation for this young star produced from the legend himself, Don Jazzy.Photo Credit: Getty

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