Dad If You Can’t Get Us Out Of This Mess Don’t Run For President – Ayo Fayose’s Son Funsho Pens Open Letter To Him

Funsho Fayose the son of Ekiti state former governor Ayo Fayose has taken to social media to pen an open letter to him ahead of the 2023 elections. The son of the politician took to his Instagram page to lash out over the state of the country and those choosing to run for the office of the president.

 Ayo Fayose’s Son Funsho Pens Open Letter To HimHe addressed his dad in his post asking if he had any plans to run for office like the others who have declared and noted that if he cannot get Nigeria out of the present mess then he has no business running. In another post, he shared that Nigeria is becoming degrading and human life is worth nothing.

He questioned what does Tambuwal, Saraki and the others have to offer the country as they have been in power for so long with nothing to offer so what’s new. Funsho further shared that he’s surprised the leaders have been so quiet and asked if this will be the new normal.
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