Gideon Okeke Shares Adorable Photos Of His Wife And Son

Gideon Okeke is serving family goals with these lovely photos and we are drooling over them right here.

The actor took to his Instagram page to share beautiful photos of his wife and son and wrote a caption on how they mean the world to him and nothing else matters when they are here with him.

Nothing else matters.
Hustle, grind, passion, ambition.
Don’t matter.

They say its the little things.
Well those lil things are a BIG DEAL.
A time like this shows proof of the fact.
That There’s No Fun Alone.
I appreciate. I’m thankful.
I feel highly achieved.
In a world where Marriage is…..😜

Nothing has been so fulfilling and yet so underrated as finding someone to LOVE
with everything you’ve got. Nothing!

Gideon Okeke got married in 2018 in a beautiful ceremony and welcomed his son Ezra in 2019.

Photo Credit: Instagram

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