Awful! Man Drugs, Rape And Impregnates 14-Year-Old Orphan In Abuja


A man identified as Wilson has been accused of drugging, raping and impregnating a 14-year-old orphan in Abuja. The victim’s neighbour reported that the teenage girl allegedly got pregnant for the young man who is not willing to take responsibility for his deeds.

A journalist and presenter, Blossom Martins who shared the news on the internet wrote:
*******PUBLIC NOTICE**********
This Pervert here is Wilson ….. He drugged and raped a 14 year old orphan ….. pls I need justice for this young girl in Abuja…… anyone who can help me get justice, should pls reach out to me…. Will get the pictures of the girl tomorrow…..
This is a note from a kind neighbor who wants to help………… I want you to help me handle a case… someone got my sister(not biological) pregnant and he is refused to take responsibility for it, she is just 14yrs… and the family wants to throw her out of the house, she was helping them as a house girl, Please help hr out, she is orphan , she has no where to go to ?

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