Aunty Aurora: S*x With My Boyfriend Is A Disaster As His Manhood Is Too Small, I Am Faking Orgasms


Dear Aunty Aurora: While we get on brilliantly, the sex with my new boyfriend isn’t great.

We’ve been together a year and I really want to make it work. He is a good-looking man and very fit.

But there is a problem – the size of his penis. He isn’t the biggest. I must admit, I do find it quite difficult to reach orgasm but I haven’t had one orgasm while having sex with him.

He is 32 and I’m 28. He has only had one relationship before me, while I’ve had a few long-term relationships.

We have sex regularly but he always comes before me and so I sometimes end up faking it, or tell him I’m happy to stop, just to get it finished.

He then rolls over and starts snoring within minutes leaving me frustrated. What should I do? Halima, Ayobo.

Dear Halima: The size of your boyfriend’s penis really doesn’t matter as women don’t orgasm through penetration alone.

To understand your own responses better you may have to explore your own body so that you can confidently tell him how to touch you.

And this is the key – showing him what you like. Then show him to concentrate far more on foreplay and hold off allowing him to enter you until you are both fully aroused.

Give him confidence by encouraging him.

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