Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Aunty Aurora, Help Me, I Can’t Make S*x Last More Than Than One Minute

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Dear Aunty Aurora, Everything in my life is perfect, except for one thing – I can’t last in bed.

I’m 37 and have a 33-year-old fiancée.

We have been together for four years and have a fantastic daughter, who is eight months old.

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Before the baby came along, I could last a decent amount of time in bed but now it’s all over in less than a minute.

It is very frustrating and upsets my fiancée. I try to have sex again straight away but then I can’t keep my erection. Abayomi, Lagos.

Dear Abayomi, I guess the baby meant a break from sex then when you did get going again you had it less frequently.

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You may well feel like you need to hurry in case your baby wakes and ruins the moment.

That would be enough to trigger premature ejaculation for lots of men – and now worry is adding to it.

You need to allow yourself a recovery period before trying to have sex a second time.

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