At 60, We’re Still Suffering And Smiling – Burna Boy

Burna Boy Manchester United New Jersey
Singer Burna Boy has shared his thoughts on Nigeria turning 60 today and he claims that  Nigerians are still suffering and smiling. The music star spoke when he featured on a programme to celebrate the country’s Independence Day anniversary.

Burna Boy Manchester United New JerseyBurna Boy made  reference to ‘Shuffering and Shmiling by Fela Kuti, and said it is unfortunate that many Nigerians see hardship as a new normal without doing anything to change the situation. According to him, the country is currently in a confused state that no meaningful development can take place except there is a significant change in the polity.

“There must be something in place for that to happen (referring to positive change) in Nigeria. It must be in a conducive environment, not one that is so confused like ours,” “Everybody is so confused now that they see what is wrong, know what is wrong but like Fela said, we suffer and smile. There is a reason for that. We suffer and smile because that is what we have been taught to be the norm.”

Burna BoyThe  singer said majority of Nigerian leaders have failed the masses, adding that only few people are working in the interest of the country. “Only few Nigerians are giving the country hope. This is because the leaders and those appointed to lead the country haven’t gotten it yet till this point,” he said.
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