Aso-Ebi Style: The Floral Detailing Trend On Asoebi Fabrics

It’s a known fact that Nigerian women love weddings and the glitz/glamour that comes with them. From time to time, we see different trends come and go. Lately, we have been seeing a lot of asoebi fabrics with the floral detailing trend. Flowers or appliques are attached to the fabric, giving it a sort of 3-D effect.This trend is quite popular with celebrities and socialites and can be seen at most weddings. The floral detailing or embellishment on the fabric adds more flair and drama to the look. It is especially nice when the appliques are tastefully arranged and well spaced. But when they are choked together, it gives an overly done look. What do you think about this look? Will you rock this trend?

Photo Credit: Getty

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