10 Hot Must Have Aso Ebi Styles For Every KOKOnista

Okay, before we dive into this feature, we need to give you the heads-up, these ten aso-ebi styles are absolutely stunning like you have never seen them before. Everything about them is perfection. We cannot but stress the need for a gorgeous asoebi style for that Nigerian wedding, the saying ‘you are what you wear’ applies particularly at most Nigerian weddings. If you look like a delicious plate of Jollof rice, you get served with delicious plates, not to talk of you taking gorgeous photos. Now, back to these ten aso-ebi styles that we have curated just for your perusals as we said, they are the in thing! The colours, combinations, embellishments and yes, the carriage of the person wearing them, magnificent! But that’s what a stunning aso-ebi style does to you, it brings out the chic in you. Check these must-have styles below… Photo Credit: Getty


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