Aso Ebi Style: Step Out In Yellow And Embrace Your Sunny Bright Beauty

There is something sartorially special about the bright beauty of Yellow. Once upon a time, there used to be a clash between the fair skinned and yellow, probably the combination wasn’t right.There are different shades of yellow, so making the right choice especially for fair-skinned people is very important. There is yellow gold, burnt yellow etc. Its an era of colour blending, but it’s extremely dangerous when you blend two/more mis-matched colours.The fair-skinned bride and the BRIGHT yellow, this blend is just perfect. Yellow is an ‘enhancer’ it enhances your beauty and style. There is something about being bright, some might view it as shouty,but this yellow is totally Rockable.There has been numerous criticism on yellow because of its sharp contrast with other colours. Step out in an event wearing Yellow, you just brought the light into that event. Photo Credit: Getty

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