Aso Ebi: Blue Them Away In These 6 Geng Aso Ebi Styles

Aso Ebi is always our first love. We think Aso ebi. Wake us from our slumber and ask what we think the angels of heaven should wear and the fabric will undoubtedly be our answer.
The fabric is stunning. It marks you stand out in a sea of people. Talk about the blue fabric and you have all of our love.
We present seven styles to blue away folks as you sashay in this bright color.
1. You must be from hell because this is damn hot!

2. …because of you I believe in God, for only perfection could have created perfection.

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3. If you don’t give them, how will they take it?

4. Oya, take all my money put am for your head oo!

5. The mermaid look.
blue geng aso ebi style
6. Shades of varied designs. 
Aso ebi

Photo credit: Getty

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