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Asking Men For Money For Wig Is For Babies – Yetunde Bakare

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Nollywood actress Yetunde Bakare has said asking men for money for wigs, bags, shoes, phones and the likes is an act exhibited by babies and she would never be caught doing that.
Yetund Bakare said this in an Instagram post where she shared a video of herself slaying and having a swell time with someone who seemed to be her man.Asking Men For Money For Wig Is For Babies - Yetunde BakareAccording to her, she is rather a lady that will tell her man about her unfinished projects, shipping new cargoes, business expansion and the likes. Noting that if she asks for 5million naira for business, she expects nothing less than 2million from her man, Yetunde Bakare added that once one has got her back one, she’s got such person’s back a million times.
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“I’m not that girl that will ask you money for ‘ wigs, bags, shoes, phones’ etc 👎 those are for babies and I’m not vain 👌 I’m the one that will tell you about my ‘Unfinished projects’ Shipping new cargos’ Expanding businesses’ New investments ‘ 👌 And if I say ‘ hey bae can I get 5M for a business I’ll be expecting at least 2M 😉 trust me if you’ve got me once I’ve got you a million times 🥂😊”, she wrote.

Asking Men For Money For Wig Is For Babies - Yetunde BakareAsking Men For Money For Wig Is For Babies - Yetunde BakareTRENDING VIDEO OF THE DAY: 10 Things Yar’Adua Did That No Other Nigerian President Ever Did
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