As I Grow Older, Life Humbles Me – Bolanle Ninalowo

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Popular Nollywood actor, Bolanle Ninalowo has revealed that as he grows older, a lot of the things that use to perturb him in the past, now seem inconsequential.

Bolanle NinalowoTaking to Twitter, the actor who recently turned 40 said that as he ages, his life has become more peaceful, as he has learnt to stay away from drama and focus on more important issues.

He wrote that life continues to dawn on him, and he becomes more aware of the time he has spent on irrelevancies and how there needs to be a change.Read more: Its My First Birthday With My Family In 10 Years – Bolanle Ninalowo

He wrote  “The older i grow, the more peaceful and grateful i become. Life humbles me gradually as i age. I realize how much nonsense i have wasted time on. And i begin to feel the peace that flows from my decision to rise above the petty drama and distractions that don’t really matter.”Photo Credit: Instagram

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