Army Raids Home Of Ugandan Presidential Candidate, Bobi Wine

Bobi Wine
The Ugandan army today raided the home of it’s presidential candidate Bobi Wine. The artiste turned politician shared the news via his official Twitter page. The presidential aspirant revealed that the army took away his security detail and also arrested people who were seen around his home today.

Bobi in his tweet shared that no reason was given for the arrest and mentioned that all these actions from the government are futile. Bobi also during an interview with CNN’s Christine Amanpour, revealed that he had survived two assassination attempts on his life and alleged that the ruling president is behind it all. He said, “I’ve survived two assassination attempts in the last two weeks where bullets have been shot in my car and on the tires and the windscreens. “That’s the ground that President Museveni calls level.”

Bobi and the government of president Musevini have both being at logger heads and the president has ordered the arrest of the singer turned politician several times.
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