APC Leaders Cry Out Over ‘Fake Anointed Candidate’


Some leaders of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ondo State have raised the alarm over the activities of a governor from the Southeast and two cabinet members of President Bola Tinubu ahead of the party primary scheduled for April 20.

The leaders said the trio has been lying to aspirants and APC leaders that President Tinubu has anointed a particular aspirant.

Speaking under the auspices of the Ondo State Organisation for Due Diligence (OSSDD), the APC leaders led by Samuel Aderinola, said they were under obligation to warn the people of Ondo about the utterances of the governor, saying it runs counter to the party’s democratic ideals and rights of the people of Ondo State to freely choose their leader.

They said the governor and his allies have been using the name of President Tinubu to hoodwink party leaders, aspirants and the people to support a particular aspirant.

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The Ondo APC leaders appealed to President Tinubu to call the governor and the two ministers to order. They called for a level playing field to allow the people of Ondo State people to freely choose their desired candidate.


They added: “At no time did President Tinubu authorise the endorsement of any candidate. It is reassuring that the president has continued to insist on the use of direct primary, to produce the most popular and acceptable aspirant as the candidate of the party, and the combustive agenda of these desperados does not bear any semblance of the good democratic ideals of the president.”

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“It is important to remind these hawks that Ondo State people are democratically sophisticated, and they will circumvent this satanic verse being rehearsed by these elements that will stop at nothing to diminish the enviable democratic records that President Tinubu painstakingly garnered, over some tempestuous political voyages.

“At any rate, no one grudges these interlopers for pitching their tent with any aspirant, for the usual pecuniary considerations. What is objectionable in their conduct is falsely and pretentiously using the name of Mr President to deceive innocent leaders, who may fall prey to their criminal antics.

“As it is often said, a stitch in time saves nine. President Tinubu must clip the wings and de-beak these vicious merchants before they precipitate needless complications for the APC in Ondo State.”

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