Any Man That Looks Too Much In The Mirror Is A Turn Off – Cindy Okafor

Cindy Okafor
BBNaija reality star Cindy Okafor has pointed out one of the things some men do that should be a turn off for any woman, and wants her fellow women to see things in the same light with her.
Cindy took to her Instagram story to note than any man who looks into the mirror more than the woman is a self-centred man, and is too much into himself.Cindy Okafor
This, according to her, is inappropriate, and should be not just a turn off, but an immediate one for any woman. “If a man looks at a mirror more times than you, he is way into himself!! And that’s an immediate turn off”, she wrote.
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Many Instagram users, however, do not share the same light with her, and they did not hesitate to rebuke her for her statement. “Moltivational speakers, leave men alone, they are tired”, on IG user wrote. See some more reactions below:

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