Monday, February 6, 2023

Any Guy That Doesn’t Cheat Is Abnormal – Hair Stylist

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Much more vocal than usual, a Nigerian hair stylist has normalised infidelity in man as he stated that any man who doesn’t cheat on his partner of wife is not normal.

In a viral video that surfaced on social media, the young man, who seems to have a vast experience in women management and infidelity matters, sounded convincing as he gave his perspective.Any Guy That Doesn't Cheat Is Abnormal - Hair StylistHe reinforced and pushed the agenda that men are polygamous in nature, however, gave directions on how it should be done. According to him, the ‘normal men’ who are unfaithful to their partners and spouses should not let the side pieces have the most attention. “Any guy that doesn’t cheat is abnormal, only Jesus Christ did not cheat. So any guy that doesn’t cheat is cheating himself”, he began.

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“You have to cheat but don’t pay more attention to them like the one you have at home. Your wife should be your number one guardian, your number one lover. Men have to cheat, there is nothing you can do about that. You get angry, you pack, he get married to another man and he will cheat on you part 2. Just pray for a good man, don’t pray for them not to cheat”, he added.

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