Ankara Style: 3 Ankara Mix Style every Modern Woman Must Own

The year 2018 has seen many fashionista create unique attires from a mix of Ankara and other fabric and this trend somehow caught on and gradually became something everyone, every modern woman wanted. From social media influencers to designers down to models, mixing the Ankara fabric with all sorts of fabric has become a must-have attire in every fashionable woman’s wardrobe. Here are 3 Ankara mix style, we believe every woman should own.
The bodycon one-sided mix-style
This attire further helps a curvy woman feel even more sexy as the dress accentuates her every curve further flaunting her body shape. This style is even more pronounced when the waist is cinched or there is a belt used around the waist.
The sleeve mix-style
This style has one of its sleeves made with anyother fabric asides the Ankara fabric. This could either be a flared sleeve or a fitted one. The example below is the perfect example for this style’s description.
The all round-mix style
This style has a majority of the style being made with the Ankara with the other fabric being used in every part of the dress the dressmaker deems fit to further make the colours of the shape of the dress more pronounced.Photo Credit: Getty


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