Ankara Style: Chidinma Ekile AKA Miss Kedike The African Prints Slayer!

Just like Buffy The Vampire Slayer, we need to start a series on Chidinma Ekile The Ankara Prints Slayer, or Miss Kedike The Ankara Prints Slayer.

If you’ve not noticed, we’ve been awed with her sense of style when with comes to making an outfit from Ankara prints. Her designer may just be very creative and versatile, or Chidinma herself probably designs them.

Apart from the fact that she comes out looking smashing with her hairstyles, she has turned the African prints fashion platform to a playground where she expresses herself with her style. Yes, her style, her Ankara style is what we’re drolling on.

If picking styles for your African prints always seem like calculus to you, get some inspo from Chidinma:
1. Her outfits always accentuate her body features: You need to always consider a style that accentuates your body features.

2. Her designer is very understanding: Trust us, a designer that understands you and your style will do you good.

3. She tries news things: Try out a new design, you don’t necessarily have to go with trends; start a trend.

Miss Kedike The Ankara Prints Slayer
Photo credit: chidinmaekile


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