Sunday, November 28, 2021

Ankara Styles: 5 Gorgeous Maxi Gown Styles For The Weekend

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Ankara maxi gown styles are very stylish and a must rock at your event this weekend. They can be styled in various forms and awesome colours.

The latest Ankara maxi gown styles are chic, and stylish. They are also very comfortable and can accommodate any shape or size. They give that classy look each time you step out in that style.
ankara maxi gown 61.Maxi bow style: This is a very stylish look. You can rock this look to any event this weekend. Pregnant mums can also rock classy in this fashion. ankara maxi gown 5
2. Open slit maxi gown: This style is for fashion lovers who love it both simple and stylish. the classic slit goes way up the thighs. This style can also pass for a wrap round style. 
3. Short sleeve maxi style: If you are thinking of that style to rock at your Owambe this weekend, then look no further. This style would look awesome on pregnants mothers as well.

4. Lace up maxi design: If you are not one for a simple style, then the lace up maxi gown style would suit your taste perfectly. You can rock it with adorable accessories and colour combinations. 
5: U-shaped maxi design: This style is definitely for the bold and daring. It is very sexy and gives a fresh feel of the African print fabric.

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