Monday, February 6, 2023

Ankara Styles: Spot Your Style With Fringe And Stones This Weekend

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Fringe and stoned ankara 10Amazing Ankara styles with fringe and stone materials will glam up your look for your parties this weekend.

If you are looking for a style to rock this weekend for your parties and events with your Ankara fabric, then the perfect style would be the fringe dresses or adorably stoned styles. Either style will work best as they add finesse to the African print material. You can also decide to combine both style trends to get that celebrity look. The Ankara is a versatile material and can accommodate any style, as long as you can conceive it. The stones are adornment that can be added after the fabric has been styled. You can also do it at home by pressing the stones in the pattern you desire with a hot iron. If you can successfully carry this out, it would be preferable to leave to your designer. Fringe and stoned ankara 9 Fringe and stoned ankara 8Long or short, you can decide the length of your lovely fringe styled dress. It Could be a skirt of a gown, the best part is you get to decide your look.

Your Ankara material would also look good with a little bit of pressed stones. These stones add that gorgeousness to your fabric. Photo Credit: Getty

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