Monday, December 11, 2023

Angela Okorie Continues Dragging Uche Elendu And Anita Joseph As Annie Idibia And Nancy Iheme Supports Her

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Nigerian Nollywood actresses, Annie Idibia and Nancy Iheme have supported Angela Okorie.

The actresses showed solidarity with Angela, one of their colleagues, who decided to go all out against other colleagues that she referred to as frenemies.

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In a series of videos, Okorie, who doubles as actress and singer, claimed that one of her colleagues and former friend, Uche Elendu, had recorded her in her low state after an assassination attempt on her life in 2019.

In her claims, Okorie said, “Everybody knows that I don’t drag people but when they concoct lies against me, I have to defend myself. Uche Elendu came to my house after I was shot at and saw me in a bad state where they were removing gun pellets from my face and she made a video of the process only to go and share the video with a blogger, who concocted lies about my person saying I slept with a married man and married woman and that was why they were after me.”

Continuing, she said, “90% of my friends and none of them will tell you I snatched their husband because I am not on that level and I choose my level. I was practically trying to survive. I was getting four injections everyday just to revive me and stabilise me, I took over 200 injection and you had the effrontery to send those videos to a blogger who concocted the story that I slept with someone’s husband, which you know it’s a lie and none of my friends or people I know that are married and none of them will ever tell you that I did something like that or drag me.”

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In another video, Okorie claimed that another colleague, Anita, mocked her situation claiming it was karma and she dared her to come out and explain how karma was working in her plight.

“I am not part of them, I am not part of what they do but my anger is why would you want to do that to me. Anita was saying it was karma but karma for what? Have I done anything bad to you, come out and tell the world what I have done and why you all gang up against me.

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“The point is why were they trying to assassinate my character, I was coming back from a show and was going back home at Orile and they shot me, about 10 people at Orile and my friend came and was videoing me at home when she saw I was at home and removing pellets and she sent to bloggers, who claimed I was sleeping with a married man and a married woman and those are the people trying to kill me but I ask again, why are they trying to assasinate my character so bad?”

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