Andy Ruiz Accuses Tyson Fury Of Fat-Shaming To Stay Relevant

Andy Ruiz Jnr. has accused Tyson Fury of fat-shaming him after his big win against Anthony Joshua in June at Madison Square, New York.

Speaking ahead of his rematch fight against Anthony Joshua scheduled for December 7 in Saudi Arabia, Tyson Fury told TMZ Sports that people are no longer interested in the Nigerian-born British boxer after his shocking defeat to a ‘little fat guy’.

‘People aren’t interested in beaten fighters, as we saw with AJ,’ Fury said.

‘AJ was like this great big man made out of marble, and then he gets knocked out by a little fat guy and everyone thinks.  “oh my god this ripped guy got knocked out by this little fat guy”.

‘Now nobody likes him anymore, it’s like the bubble’s been burst. It’s a cliche in boxing, once you’ve been pounded, nobody wants to know.

‘Everybody loves a winner, and when you’re no longer a winner, you don’t get no more p***y.

Firing back at Tyson Fury over the comment credited to him, Andy Ruiz said the British professional boxer was fat-shaming him to stay relevant. He also revealed he is Fury’s fan.

“Tyson Fury, he wants to be relevant,” Ruiz tells us. “He wants to be in the scene. I like the guy too. I’m a big fan of him. I like how he is. I like his energy.”

Ruiz stated that he won’t allow Fury distract him from his rematch with AJ in Saudi Arabia a.k.a the “Clash on the Dunes”.

“I don’t wanna look past Anthony Joshua. I want to win on December 7th, then maybe me and him can get in a fight too” he added. Photo Credit: Getty

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