Uber Driver Called Me A Prostitute – Funmilola Bucknor

Uber Driver Called Me A Prostitute - Funmilola Bucknor 1Funmilola Bucknor, the sister of Late Nigerian OAP, Tosyn Bucknor has come out to narrate her ordeal with an Uber driver who called her a prostitute because she canceling the ride. According to her, “I have suffered in the hands of Uber/Taxify drivers in this Lagos ehn… no be small. That’s how I ordered one on Sunday. He arrived in a car with tinted glass. Let me tell you, it was on Sunday that I discovered that tinted glasses get levels. Se ni windows ehn dudu rakiraki.It was so dark it was overwhelming even from outside.
I said oga sorry, I can’t enter your car because of your tinted windows. Let me cancel and order another one. He didn’t even let me land before he gave me one long hiss and then told me to kosi kuro niwaju motor mi jare. I was like, you zay?!! Is it by force that I must enter your car ni abi you want to kidnap mi ni?
He said ehn ehn ehn? Baba e ni kidnapper. Baba e ni armed robber. He crowned it by calling me asewo kobokobo. Hian!! I said okay o, sha carry your car and go o. He said I should book another ride and let him see nah. That he will not allow anybody to pick me there. I carried my two left legs and left him there o. He was still huffing and puffing and beating his chest that no other driver will be allowed to pick me. Me, I did not have energy for that drama. Not on a Sunday pls. I took another one yesterday from Yaba to Ikeja. Estimated price was about N1,200. Uber Driver Called Me A Prostitute - Funmilola Bucknor 2This guy refused to use maps o. That’s how we were going round and round and round. Only for me to get down from the car after he dropped me… uber charged me N4,800 for thar ride!!!! Azzin four tazan lounloun! Se mo trafu ni? Kia kia, I contested it and the fare was adjusted and I got my refund.
Uber and Taxify will not kill me for my mother lailai. Meanwhile, my mom is grounded! She is not allowed to travel anywhere for a while unless I’m the one taking her. She cannot give me heart attack abeg!!”, Funmilola Bucknor shared”.Uber Driver Called Me A Prostitute - Funmilola Bucknor 2 Photo Credit: Getty


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