Amazing! Mofe Duncan And His Ex- Wife Are Good Friends

Friendly exes are one of the strangest things you will ever hear of but for Mofe Duncan and his ex-wife they seem to be different. The separation of these two was one of the biggest love gone south stories of Nollywood that shocked a lot of people as they were such a lovely couple together.

The couple announced that they were separated in 2019 after months of speculations and rumors regarding their marriage.

Mofe Duncan And His Ex-Wife
Mofe Duncan and His Ex-wife are good friends

Today, Mofe Duncan and his Ex-wife were seen on social media acting like old friends which came as a surprise to their fans. The two may not be together again but they have chosen to still remain as good friends.

Mofe’s ex-wife posted a picture on her Instagram page and the actor was seen in the comment section reminding her about something she missed out on in her post. She then came back to respond to his comment on her page.


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