Alibaba Shares The Best Way To Punish Corrupt Leaders

Veteran comedian and talk show host, Alibaba shares his thoughts about how best to deal with corrupt leaders who enriched themselves at the expense of the people with public wealth. AliBaba
Alibaba made his statement in response to a tweet by a Twitter user who proposed death for convicted politicians, rather Alibaba replied and said killing them isn’t the best option rather taking away from them their the stolen wealth and properties acquired with it along with imprisonment was the best option.

According to the GCFR of Comedy, death won’t teach such people any lesson.

“Killing anyone after taking all that belongs to him or her doesn’t teach him or her any lesson.
“But if you take all, jail him or her after they return from jail they will start afresh.
“That is when the real hustle starts. To shake off the toga of ex-convict, broke and no base to start from, That’s the real punishment”, he tweeted.

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