I Need A Me Time – Alex Unusual Announces Plans To Take A Break From Social Media

Alex Unusual
Reality TV star Alex Unusual has announced plans to take a break from social media to help her save her mental health. The TV star revealed that she needed some me time to herself after everything she’s been through this month.

Alex Unusual
The BBNaija star revealed that she’s lost 3 people in the month of January, survived a car accident which wrecked a side of her car and believes that she’s not handling the toll it’s taking on her mental health quite well. The TV star further added that she’s deleted Twitter, Instagram app from her phone as she needs a few days to get her bubble back.
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Alex yesterday announced to her fans that she had survived a car accident and revealed that the devil was trying really hard on her in January but she will certainly pull through it all. She went on to share with fans that she was doing quite well.

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