Al-Shabaab Attacks Military Base In Somalia…Killing Atleast 17 And Injuring Scores

Al-shabaab fighters attacked a military base in Somalia with car bombs and heavy gunfire today (Friday) leaving 17 people dead and hundreds of others displaced.
The 11-year-old terrorist group launched an attack on a military base outside Mogadishu (the capital City) this morning shortly after the Friday morning prayers.
A Somalia military commander Mohamed Haji Ali confirmed the attack on the base saying: “There was heavy fighting this morning”. A resident Abdulahi Muktar gave more details on the attack saying:”There were dead bodies around the military camp and I counted about eight of them from the Somali military, but it could be more than that”.The terrorist group claimed responsibility for the attack through its spokesman Abdiasis Abu Musab. He said: “After morning prayer today, two mujahideen (pick-up trucks with a machine gun mounted on it) rammed into Barire military base with suicide car bombs. We killed 17 soldiers and took seven technical vehicles, The other soldiers ran helter-skelter into the woods. We now control the base and the village”.
The Somalian Army has not disclosed any plan to recover the base.
Photo Credit: Getty

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