Aisha Yesufu Condemns Exposing Children To Adult And Explicit Contents

Aisha Yesufu
Active Nigerian and businesswoman Aisha Yesufu has condemned the act of exposing children of certain ages to adult contents as she speaks on parenting.
In a series of tweets, Aisha Yesufu, the mother of two wondered how some parents allow their minors to see and listen to videos and music that are explicit, saying anyone who does not have the capacity of being a parent one shouldn’t have kids.
“How do you allow a child less than 5 years of age to be listening to sexually graphic music and video? Come on! Being a parent is not by force”, Aisha Yesufu wrote. According to her, a child who consumes sexually graphic music or video is not expected to know that is wrong for a paedophile to do same to him or her.
“Being a parent is not by force. It entails a whole lot and if you do not have the capacity, be bold and honest enough to not have them. Gosh! You allow your children to listen to sexually graphic music and you think their curiosity will not have them trying to find out the meaning of what is said in the lyrics? When you are not ready to explain to them just know that there are paedophiles around to do so practically”, she continued.
“How would the child you allow to listen to sexually graphic music probably watch the video which should be for adult consumption, know that it is wrong when some depraved paedophile practise that on him or her? You gave your tacit approval by allowing the child to listen & watch”
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“Some things are not age appropriate. Be it music, dance, books, films, clothing, conversations events etc. There is a maturity needed to discern which because of age might be absent. Bringing up a child is not about ice-cream, chocolate and matching clothes. It is a whole lot! Society bears the cost of parental failures”, she added.
Aisha Yesufu condemns exposing children to adult and explicit contents
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