Beauty DIY: African Beauty Secrets You Didn’t Know

African beauty secrets are finally coming to the fore as African women both young and old are now making use of them.

There is no doubting that African women are beautiful, curvy, and always have flesh on their bones that can make any man come to his knees. From cosmetics to skincare, African products are created to celebrate Africa’s tribal beauty traditions and customs while ensuring that people get the full benefit of this inherited wealth of knowledge. So here are African beauty secrets you didn’t know;
Chebe Powder From Chad For Long Hair
The Basara Arab women of Chad have hip and thigh-length hair, and they credit it to a product known as the chebe powder that has been passed from generation to generation in their society.  As such, they’ve perfected the exact regimen that pretty much eliminates breakage. The chebe plant is believed to soften hair, feel thicker, good for hair conditioning, especially for textured hair.
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Uunsi From Somalia
Uunsi, the Somali word for frankincense, is largely sourced from Boswellia trees across East Africa, and for Somaliland. It is one of their most important natural resources. A familiar beauty custom in the Somali household is the ‘Uunsi’; sugar resin, frankincense, and rich oils that burn on top of the coal. What’s released is an alluring smoke that hugs onto everything in sight. The Somali woman will sit down and let the smoke envelop her skin and clothing which will give her a deep, sensual scent that lingers for weeks at a time. This beats most perfumes as this comes from nature.
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Dukhan In Sudan
Dukhan is a ritual bodily practice known in which the body is smoked with a special (scented) species wood. It is one of the amazing African beauty secrets that most people outside are not aware of. The ritual is mainly practiced by married women and women preparing for marriage in northern Sudanese provinces. The practice of taking a dukhan has many purported health benefits such as smoothing the skin and narrowing of the vagina with women. It also gives the skin a pleasant scent due to the wood species used, usually shaff and talh wood. Dukhan is said to also be useful for treating syphilis, gonorrhea, and rheumatic pain.african beauty secrets
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