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Afghanistan: Buhari Should Learn And Stop Romancing Boko Haram – Reno Omokri

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UK0-based Nigerian author and ex-President Goodluck Jonathan’s former aide, Reno Omokri has said President Buhari should learn from the unfortunate Afghanistan happenings and stop romancitising the Boko Haram insurgents that have been terrorising Nigeria.

Recall that President Buhari had himself said Africa is the new frontline for global militancy and terrorism, reeling out how terrorists and militants have engulfed some nations in the Black continent, after Talibans took over Afghanistan capital city and nation at large.Afghanistan: Buhari Should Learn And Stop Romancing Boko Haram - Reno OmokriIn one of his Instagram posts with which he reacted to the development, Reno Omokri prayed that Nigeria’s 12 Super Tucano jets, which she bought from the United States for $593 million, do not become the Taliban’s properties some day. According to him, the Talibans had obtained the jets freely by defeating the US and the Afghan governments, an with the way the President is handling Boko Haram’s case, things may go out of hand.

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“Nigeria bought 12 Super Tucano jets from the US for $593 million. The Taliban got them for free by defeating the US and the Afghan government. With the way Buhari romances Boko Haram, I just pray Nigeria’s 12 Super Tucano jets will not become their property one day! Because what is happening in Nigeria today first happened in Afghanistan. The rehabilitation of so called repentant Taliban by the US and Afghan government allowed them to act first as spies, then as enemies within, which was a chief causative factor in the rapid victory of the Taliban. May Nigeria learn her lessons before it is too late!”, he wrote.

In another post, Reno Omokri faulted Joe Biden on US’ withdrawal from the embattled South Asian nation, saying it is wrong and “Netflix or some other Hollywood giant will soon release a movie called: Escape From Kabul! It is just a matter of when not if. Remember all those Vietnam movies? The same will be done with Afghanistan. Especially the airport scene. History doesn’t repeat itself. Men repeat history! And Biden is still arguing about why America had to exit Afghanistan. Nobody disagrees with Biden on why America had to get out of Afghanistan. It was the right thing to do. What many disagree with Biden on is HOW America got out of Afghanistan. It was the wrong way to do it. It portrayed weakness and indecision”, he wrote
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“All the over $10 billion worth of weapons that the US gave to the Afghan government now belongs to the Taliban. I hope Biden will learn a thing or two from this. Much of the arms sold to Nigeria by various governments has already fallen into the hands of Boko Haram. This was something that the late Chadian President, Idris Deby, complained about. He refused to return Nigerian Army weapons that his troops recovered from Boko Haram, because he feared they would find their way back to Boko Haram. The West and China much evaluate their military cooperation with the Buhari junta”, he added in another post.

Afghanistan: Buhari Should Learn And Stop Romancing Boko Haram - Reno OmokriTRENDING VIDEO OF THE DAY: KOKO Street: Arin & Princess Deserved To Be Evicted – BBNaija Fan Photos Credit: Getty

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