KOKO Docuseries: Get Something Doing, Don’t Stay Jobless – Herbalist Advises Youths Against Money Ritual

money ritual
Jinadu Lukman Kekereawo Balogun Iledi Awo of Osun state has come out to drop a few deep words for the youths of nowadays regarding the evil act of money ritual.money ritual

In an exclusive interview with KOKO TV, Kekereawo stated that most youths of nowadays turn to money rituals because they are jobless, and the saying an idle mind is the devil’s workshop comes into play.
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He advised that youths should get something doing no matter how small. The herbalist said this when he was asked what advice do you have for youths out there? My advise for the youth is that everyone should have something doing. You that has a job, pray that at your place of work. As I said earlier, Bibo Asiri will only work for someone that has something doing i.e, a job.
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You that don’t have work that did Bibo Asiri and you are at home sleeping, you will continue sleeping because the Bibo Asiri will make you sleep more. Anyone that has something doing has overcome the world. My advice for the youths of nowadays, most of them just go to school now to know how to press laptops. You can’t see any youths of nowadays learning bricklaying or plumbing instead they just want to be working on laptop. I advise the parents also to make sure their wards/children have work doing. I pray no parent will weep over their children. Watch the interview here;

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