“Advice Bobrisky Before He Becomes Transparent” – Gordons Slams Bobrisky for Overbleaching His Skin

A popular Nigerian comedian has sent words of advice to Nigerian cross dresser, Bobrisky.

Gordons urged Bobrisky to reduce his bleaching before it affects his vital organs like his kidney and liver.

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Bobrisky is believed to be addicted to bleaching his skin as his skin colour has since changed from its natural state.

Comedian Gordons whose real name is Godwin Komone said he cares about the cross dresser that is why he has decided to intervene.

Gordons who was unhappy with how Bobrisky has become very fair within a short time was straight forward as he didn’t mince words in a short Instagram page.

He mentioned if care is not taken, we can see through Bobrisky like a bottle of glass. He mentioned his kidneys and liver might soon be seen if care is not taken.

He went on to advise Bobrisky to quit this unhealthy skin bleaching addiction.
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