Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Adekunle Gold Talks About His Golden Life With Bold Magazine

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Afrocentric Nigerian artiste and creative mind, Adekunle Gold stars on the latest issue of Bold Magazine. The ‘Orente’ crooner in between preparing for his tour sat down with the magazine for a quick chat. Here is an excerpt from his interview 
Your journey as a musician/creative has been an interesting one. Would you say being a creative has helped you shape your career as a musician, so far?
Yeah definitely, because I feel like I do a lot of things differently. As I am writing a song, I’m thinking about the video already. I’m thinking about the album art. I’m thinking about what I’m wearing in the video, you know. I’m thinking about stage performance. Everything. So being a creative definitely has shaped my music.
You just pointed out that you have a lot of talents. And it’s obvious. But recently you showed us a side of you we’ve never seen; Adekunle the actor. So what other talents do you have?
I feel like daily I keep discovering myself. So tomorrow I don’t know…I’ll probably be a makeup artist [both laugh].

On a more serious note, would you ever go into acting?
Oh yeah! I mean, I’ve tried it twice now. I feel like it’s interesting. I want to do more.
So what kind of actor do you think you’ll be?
Just give me a Ramsey Noah role where I get to kiss all the girls…Let me be that Emeka Ike guy, you know, spitting them bars to get the girls [both laugh].
Okay. Let’s touch base on your style now. How would you describe your style?
Afrocentric. It’s pure African. I love to represent so I wear Adire. And I think everybody knows that already. I wear 100% Adire. And I feel like it’s beautiful, it makes me unique and that’s why I like it.
I like the fact that you touched base on Adire because we have observed that. And you make Adire look so cool.
Thank you.

But what sparked that love between you and Adire?
When I started in 2015, 2014/15, I didn’t have a direction, I just knew I wanted to do music. But I discovered it’s beyond the music. You need to grow your brand as well. You need to be different. So I thought about it. What was nobody wearing in this industry? What’s that thing that lacks attention? And I did my research. I remembered that I loved Adireback in school because it was one of our assignments in textile class. I really liked it because the process was fun. You’d tie or draw a motif… that is, if you’re doing batik, you draw a motif with candle wax and then you dip in the dye, different colours. You need to know the chemical composition in everything. There’s some art to it and I remembered how much I loved doing that and I thought, Adire – nobody is wearing it. And, if I am the guy that would put it out there, it might as well just be now.
Amazing! Would you ever put out a collection?
Yeah. I had announced before that I would be launching my line which is called Urban Adire. There’s little delay but very soon, the collection will be out.
Photo Credit: Bold Magazine

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