They Should Be Sentenced To Life Imprisonment – Actress Ruby Akubueze Speaks On Pedophilia

Nollywood petite queen, Ruby Ajubueze has revealed what her thoughts are on the subject of pedophilia ongoing in the country and also sex in the movie industry.
ruby akubuezeThe young talent who played the role of Frances in the TV series, MTV Shuga condemned the act of pedophilia, rape, and sexual assault in Nigeria and the world generally.
She revealed her thoughts in a recent interview on KOKO Talks where she opened up about a whole lot.
When asked what sentence should be given to people who commit these crimes and her thoughts on the issue, quoting her, She said, And speaking on the issue of rape, rape is such a horrible, horrible thing to do to anyone at all, be it a woman or man or child. It not only messes with your physical life, it messes with your emotions, your mental health. And I feel like people who rape, should just really stop raping people. Stop raping women, stop raping men, stop raping children because our bodies belong to us and I don’t know how we’ve just come about men thinking that women’s bodies belong to them, women’s bodies belong to women. And people who rape people, my goodness, they should be- I don’t want to say they should be sentenced to death because that is such a horrible thing but I mean it’s equivalent to the horror of being raped. So, people who rape people, they should serve a life sentence, I don’t know. Because you’re messing with someone’s entire life and it stays with you forever. It’s not something that oh you’ve been raped and then you get over it the next month. It kinda stays with you forever and ever no matter how much you heal from it. It just still stays with you forever and ever so its, I mean they should be sentenced to life imprisonment or something worse than that. Rape is just such a horrible thing to do to people.
The young talent didn’t stop there as she also revealed a lot about sex and also if she can have sex on camera.
Ruby has featured in a couple of Nollywood movies and series such as Kasonova, MTV Shuga to mention a few.
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When asked if she has been asked to act a sex role or seen it play out she replied saying, I’ve not been, I’ve not had any sex scenes in a film since I started acting yet, so but then I’ve had a couple of kissing scenes yeah but actual sex scenes. And No, no, I’ve never been pushed to do any sexual things to get roles and stuff like that in the industry, No.
Ruby also said she can have sex on camera, Well, why not, it’s part of the film, and if it’s so necessary to portray the message, I mean why not.
So much more went down during her interview with KOKO TV  and she is indeed a rare gem that is definitely a pacesetter and an inspiration to young actors out there in the world.
Watch the full interview below;

Photo Credit: Ruby Akubueze/Instagram
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