Friday, September 30, 2022

Eventuarry!!! Actress Jane Fonda Says She’s Done With Plastic Surgery At 82

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Actress Jane Fonda is saying bye bye to plastic surgeries forever. The Hollywood actress in a recent interview announced that she was done altering her looks to suit the Hollywood standard.
Actress Jane Fonda Is Done With Plastic Surgery At 82
Actress Jane Fonda Is Done With Plastic Surgery At 82

“I can’t pretend that I’m not vain, but there isn’t going to be any more plastic surgery — I’m not going to cut myself up anymore,” she revealed. “I have to work every day to be self-accepting; it doesn’t come easy to me.I try to make it very clear that it has been a long and continuing struggle for me,” she explained. “I post pictures of me looking haggard — and once with my tooth out!”

Speaking to Elle Canada the actress said that she is choosing to open up about her surgeries to help other women realize that they are perfect just the way they are. She also encouraged women to surround themselves with their fellow women.

“I knew that if I really told the truth, it would be universal,” she said. “All these issues are universal among women: ‘I’m not good enough; I have to please, starting with Daddy; I’m not pretty enough; I’m not thin enough; I’m not smart enough.’”

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“Showing up is something you have to learn — although there are certain emotional disabilities you pick up when you are young that you can’t entirely undo,” she shared. “I have psychic scars that I will never be able to give up. You learn to manage them. You learn to banish them to the corner and put a dunce cap on them and forbid them to come out.”

“I grew up at a time when the thinking was that women were like cats, competing with each other, knocking each other down,” she continued. “But, in fact, there is no limit to what we can accomplish if we work together.”

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