Sexual Harassment Is Not A Choice – Actress Chioma Ifemeludike Slams Destiny Etiko For Saying It Is

chioma ifemeludike
Nollywood rising star Chioma Grace Ifemeludike has come out to blast actress Destiny Etiko for saying that sexual harassment is a choice.
chioma ifemeludike

Ifemeludike took to the gram where stated that sexual harassment is not a choice and if anytime Destiny Etiko accepted it as part of her career journey, then she should not come and shove it down the throat of many in society, because it is not a choice. The fast-rising star further stated that harassing someone sexuadestiny etikolly because you got to that position before them is just wrong and should be frowned upon.
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Ifemeludike also pointed out that any actress that says no to sexual harassment and never gets to be known by many is not a loss to the movie industry, but to society because they may never get to know that legend and star again.

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Chioma Ifemeludike wrote, If at anytime in your career journey you accepted sexual harassment as a choice that doesn’t mean you’ll shove it down the throat of society, please as a public figure we better be careful what we encourage. Please don’t down play the act of sexually harassing young girls intercepting our struggle with these perverts and exonerating their evil act, you could say it’s your personal opinion but in this context I think it’s better to personalise it as “your” choice. I understand how sometimes we need to sound political to remain in the job that pays but let’s be clear that karma is a bitch, she may visit our daughters or sons in future. We shouldn’t get into conversations we ain’t ready to be absolutely truthful about. Let us call a spade a spade so our society can progress and we may not need to beg money on Instagram ??‍♀️…Imagine stopping someone on their way to their destiny-nation just because you got there before them or have an upper hand then you try to take advantage of them? When all you have to do is give them a chance like someone gave you! That’s evil!

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