Actor Yomi Fabiyi Sues Lady Who Accused Him Of Sexual Harassment

Actor Yomi Fabiyi Sues Lady Who Accused Him Of Sexual Harassment 1 cEniola Omoshalewa, had taken to IG last year to reveal the actor sexually harassed her a couple of years back. This allegation irked Yomi, who promised to take the case to court. confirming the case is now in court, Fabiyi wrote; ”FOR THE RECORDS:
This lady EUNICE OMOSHALEWA ENIOLA @ennygold1 who tried to CRIMINALLY BLACKMAIL me a few months ago:

i. Wrote a fictitious sex for role event she claimed happened 10yrs ago to tarnish my image on INSTABLOG9JA @instablog9ja comment section, which instablog later munched, attached my pix and her with a damaging headline.

ii. I immediately refuted her claim and instructed my lawyer to file a civil suit + PETITION the Police CP to investigate as I am 100% sure I never met her and that she is either just reckless or an agent used to blackmail. Actor Yomi Fabiyi Sues Lady Who Accused Him Of Sexual Harassment 2

iii. The ONLY place she ever accused me of such weighty allegation was online, that is perhaps the only place I can ask for help to locate her house or office for service or get the police to invite her. I even kept a reward for whoever supplies the information, which I got eventually.

iv. A petition was swiftly written to the CP, Lagos State.

v. On sighting copy of my remedy, she/her sponsor wrote a FALSE INFORMATION of threat to her life to Domestic Violence Office, Min of Women, Lagos. This is someone I never visited, met, called, sent a text or whatsoever. I was invited and gave the courtesy of Absence. I asked they give another date. She ran out claiming I fled. I phoned the PS and they denied telling her I fled and that she did not provide any evidence of sexual harassment to them (there is an audio evidence to this effect).

vi. The next, she wrote another false information to the AIG, Zone 2. The Police invited me and I was there to proved my innocence. The PPRO, Dolapo Badmus was in charge. She has video evidence of our interview. At the end, they told her she has hurt me and we both to step out to reach a compromise. I insisted the only solution was PUBLIC APOLOGY and withdrawal of such allegations. We wrote undertaken to this effect. On the next visit, she said she CANNOT do public apology but a personal one. I was furious and left.

vii. Police Officers in CP’s office went to her house and office but nowhere to be found. She sneaks in & out.

viii. The 15m suit already in court, the baliff was at her house to serve her but no avail. They phoned her, she told them she was coming but ran & keeps hiding till date.

I am of the opinion the court is the last hope of a common man. Moreso, I believe so much in protection of the fundamental human right of every human being, hence I am patient enough not to put laws into my hands, track down myself and ensure the due process is followed in getting them served and justice prevailed.

The public deserve to know the truth and we need to seperate our FANS from ONLINE WITCHES & WIZARDS. It is just a matter of time.

This lady Eunice Omoshalewa Eniola who claims she is into real estate is said to be using the office in Puri Mall on Lekki Express Way to front and defraud unsuspecting land buyers, CAVEAT EMPTOR.

The Diaspris Properties does not exist there. I don’t have access to her instagram page, she blocked me but if you notice any advert for a location on her page, please DM or call me on 08029062692 asap, her attention is needed by Police in Lagos CP office.
The same goes for who knows any physical address or location.” Actor Yomi Fabiyi Sues Lady Who Accused Him Of Sexual Harassment 1 Photo Credit: gETTY


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