Friday, December 3, 2021

Father’s Day: Actor Bryan Okwara Writes Heartfelt Letter To His Newborn Son

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Actor Bryan Okwara is celebrating his first father’s Day and he is penning an heartfelt note to his son to mark the occasion. The actor took to his Instagram page to share an heartfelt open letter to his son.
Bryan Okwara Writes Heartfelt Letter To His Newborn Son
Bryan Okwara Writes Heartfelt Letter To His Newborn Son

Bryan Okwara shared on Instagram: ‘To my Dear son,

If only you knew how much joy you bring to me… and the happiness that comes as being called your father is the very essence of what makes my life complete.

May God bless you immensely and above all your expectations. May God grant you wisdom and understanding as you grow in His Grace. May God fill your heart with peace and unconditional love. May God grant you health and heal your knees and elbows for every time you fall and may He grant you strength to get back up.

And to your absolutely gorgeous loving and kind mother, @marieclairemiller who should be more celebrated as a “father” because from the day you were born you refused to sleep in the beautiful court created for you. You would cry all night until she placed you in her arms and that is where you have slept to date. I thank God for granting her patience as a mother to understand and raise you in ways i could never have done.

This is in not a picture but my utmost emotion and promise to love you and always be there for you God willing. This wouldn’t have been possible without m12phography thank you for being patient and fully dedicating your time and expertise as a gift to my son. May God continue to bless the good works of your hands.

This here is my first expression of being a dad and i’ve never felt so proud🙏 help me thank God🙏❤
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