Thursday, December 8, 2022

Acclaimed Ukrainian Actress Oksana Shvets Killed In Russian Attack On Residential Building

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The theatre and film star was reportedly aged 67 when she was killed in a Russian attack on a residential building in Kyiv.

The Young Theatre, which Shvets worked with, confirmed her death in a statement reading: ‘During the rocket shelling of a residential building in Kyiv, a well-deserved artist of Ukraine Oksana Shvets was killed.’

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The Kyiv Post also confirmed the news.

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Shvets had also worked with the Ternopil Music and Drama Theater and the Kiev Theater of Satire.

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began on February 24, the country has suffered widespread damages and loss of life amid a major bombing campaign.

Over 3million people have fled, as Ukrainian cities face shortages of food, water, heat, and medicine – with thousands of British people opening up their homes to Ukrainian refugees.

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Countries have retaliated by imposing sanctions on Russia and oligarchs such as Roman Abramovich, while large companies like Disney, Starbucks, McDonald’s, and Coca-Cola have suspended business in the country.

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However, despite these economic blows, Russian President Vladimir Putin hasn’t shown any signs of calling off the attack anytime soon.

Many stars have supported Ukraine, with Mila Kunis, who was born in the country, and her husband Ashton Kutcher raising $30million (£22million) for the cause.

Meanwhile, Arnold Schwarzenegger pleaded with Putin in a heartfelt video.

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