Abbey’s Musings: Nigeria Needs Patriots Not Politicians…And Here’s All I’ve Been Up To This Summer


The holidays are done, the kids are thankfully kids back in school, the new English Premier League is ticking off gradually, the fashion season is almost upon us and of course Nigeria’s 2019 elections is shaping up nicely. If you’re in fashion, then I’ll assume all bags are already packed for the crazy season to start in New York, through London to the highly anticipated Paris shows. If you want to know what trends and looks we might be expecting this season, then you must bookmark and follow our coverage led by Posi (The girl is brilliant) for all things Fashion Week – Shows, backstage, models, street style and more.Since the last time, I put pen to paper a lot has happened in the Polity, Bukola Saraki declaring for the presidency, Theresa May dashing across to Africa to spread the great British post-Brexit agenda, The Notting Hill Carnival, the funeral service of two great American legends – Aretha Franklin and Senator John McCain, amongst various developments. I’m always a sucker for service  and the Washington service for Sen McCain made me realise not just for how incredible the Americans respected their veterans but by how the Senator meticulously planned his own service. Knowing he was dying, he showed great courage not just to end his treatment but to have called people he wanted to make eulogies at his funeral service.George W Bush and Barack Obama, two men who have defeated him and often disagreed in politics but always stood together on America’s role as the one indispensable nation, believing that with great power and great blessings comes great responsibility. For Nigeria and Nigerians, the issue should never be about Buhari, Saraki, Atiku, Osinbajo, PDP or APC. It should be about service to our country and how to make the country better irrespective of political ideologies or identities. As Obama rightly said McCain was an extraordinary man – a warrior, a statesman, a patriot who embodied so much that is best in America, we do not need politicians in Nigeria, we need statesmen and Patriots!

My Week

Who’s Caught My Eye: You might not have heard of Abiy Ahmed, but the young (youngest leader in Africa) Ethiopian leader redefining what leadership means on the African continent, with his reforms and achievements. The Western media are not giving him enough coverage or screaming about him, but Abiy so far has been brilliant and long may this continue.What I’ve Been Up To: The tranquil beaches of Albuifera in Portugal has been good for the soul particularly the boys, they’ve always loved the Algarves. And a dash to hear Demi Grace at Notting Hill carnival wasn’t too bad.What I’m I listen To: Valerie, Back To Black And Rehab from Amy Winehouse has been on repeat, with a soothing dose of ‘Eda to Mose Okunkun’ by Ebenezer Obey. Obey is a legend!Next Up For Me: I hope my team will still make attending Tom Ford’s and other NYFW SS19 show possible. Then a new release of our new bag collection in London. Happy days.What I’m watching: I’m patiently waiting for Tommy from Peaky Blinders and Idris Elba’s Luther. But I’m making do with his directorial debut new film Yardie. Ruth Kadiri’s Peperempe is funny too.Photo Credit: Getty, BBC

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