Monday, August 8, 2022

A Cretinous Beast With A Necrotized Brain – Daddy Freeze Slams IG User Who Came For One Of His Free The Sheeple Followers

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 Controversial media personality Daddy Freeze has severely slammed an IG follower who dared to take a shot at one of his Free The Sheeple follower. Sharing a screenshot of the IG user’s post, GFrreze slammed him writing; ”This cretinous beast with a necrotized brain dared to curse one of us, in defense of his lying ass GO!”  Freeze who is known for attacking most Nigerian pastors whom he believes are teaching their congregation the incorrect doctrines, just lasst month called them liars stating that drinking of beer is infact not a sin. “You can drink beer, it’s not a sin! The preaching of Yahoo Boy pastors declaring alcohol as sinful, has no biblical approval, and forms the core of deviant teachings, that largely serve to promote Legendary embellishment and mind altering doctrines. ~FRZ”  Photo Credit: Getty

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