Yara Shahidi Oozes Gorgeousness On The Cover Of The New York Times Magazine’s April Issue

Yara Shhidi covers the latest issue of The New York Times Magazine Singapore. The Hollywood star shares her unique upbringing within the television and film industry and what it means to be defiantly and proudly undefined. She also talked about her bold ambition for a more involved generation of would-be voters.

Read excerpts from Yara Shahidi’s interview below:
On how she has managed to stay grounded: If anything, being a child actor was at least retrospectively quite a breeze because of my parents. My parents were very intentional, especially in my elementary and middle school years. I wasn’t really pulled out of school, there were a couple of times that I was homeschooled. It was a personal choice because I appreciated the academics in a certain programme, but I was still in school, had hobbies and all of that, and acting was something that I went off to do with my family. I still very much had these beautiful experiences associated with acting, of just growing up and so it never hindered me.

On if she is excited about college life, now that she’s experienced it somewhat as Zoey on “Grown-ish”: Yes, and no. I’m excited because being on “Grown-ish” and being on that set, I’ve made some pretty amazing friends, not just as Zoey but as Yara, which has been really special to me. I absolutely adore the people that I get to work with every day and if I can have that kind of relationship with anybody in college, really, I’ll feel like I’ve hit the jackpot.

On what it was like meeting and interacting with Michelle Obama: Meeting First Lady Michelle Obama and being able to speak with her was incredible. She’s always been an inspiration and role model of mine. I’ve been very fortunate to be able to work with her educational initiatives and whenever the White House called, I answered. She is not only a representation of grace under pressure, but so much more. She represents what it’s really like to revolutionise the position of First Lady, and to be a symbol for girls, especially young black girls, out there everywhere. She is the representation that we all needed and she really took it upon herself to create these initiatives, which make such an impact and continue to make such an impact.

Photo Credit: The New York Times Magazine

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