7 Types Of Pants You Can Slay In To Perfectly To Work

There is one classic staple that is still popular for any office lady, I am talking about pants/trousers. Just imagine, it’s almost 9 am in the morning and you are as always late for work. What is your final decision to wear at the office? Ah..shit I go for the pants/trousers, classic blouse and heels. Pants and Trousers styles for For Corporate fashion

You pick up pants trousers and throw on a just almost any top/blouse and a blazer and boom you are ready to go. This is the easiest combination for you as a lady you’re not overdressed nor underdressed, yet smart enough to go through the rigours of the corporate world and that of the street of LasGidi and still look chic all through.
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It’s appropriate for most companies except religious-based firms, no matter how cruel their dress code is. Putting together your week’s outfits is the same as going to the gym, I mean you never do it, but you still promise yourself that tomorrow is the day. That’s why it’s better to know your basic look which is great for any working day.
See different pants combinations that work perfectly for the office world space;

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